The classic arcade game Dig Dug has a new world record holder!

Twin Galaxies, the official world record keepers of all things video games, reports that on March 28th, 2013, Oregon resident Ken House blew up the world record for the 1982 Atari classic.

Ken scored 5,225,260 points. It took him a little over 11 hours to accomplish this classic gaming feat. That's a lot of Pooka and Fygar guts.

“I played Dig Dug as a kid a lot and had scores over four-million back in the day,” House said “I had the high score on it my local arcade. Nothing too special about that but it primed me for the future, for sure.”

In Dig Dug, you control a blue, red and white robot that uses a pump to eliminate pesky underground monsters. The game is bright, colorful and the music is pretty awesome. If you've never played Dig Dug, it's been ported over to almost every system. Nice job, Ken!