Remember that E.T. landfill excavation? The town has decided to auction off the leftover games found at its dig site, including E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial and many other Atari games. Otherwise, they'd just end up in another landfill.

Reuters reports that Alamogordo, New Mexico's City Council is planning to sell off a large chunk of the 1,300+ retro games excavated from one of its landfills earlier this summer. Buy a piece of history in the form of a horrible, movie-based game that was buried in a landfill and excavated decades later because it's now popular to love/collect vintage things that people hated decades ago. Pulling games out of a landfill and selling them to gamers and collectors is basically what LJN did throughout the 1990s, but come on, it's E.T., the widely proclaimed worst game ever made -- you gotta have it.

Alamogordo's City Council voted 7-0 to sell off over 800 of the Atari games dug up earlier this year. They will be sold through eBay and the Alamogordo official website. The landfill was believed to house over 5 million cartridges, but only 1,300 were found buried. Most of the ones in good condition were sent to various museums across the world, with the remaining 500 to be kept by the city's citizens and those involved with the excavation, which are also likely to end up in eBay or another landfill.

Many of us thought this landfill urban legend wasn't true: