On Thursday, DICE released a new short clip for Battlefield 4 hyping up sea warfare, but on Friday, it was all about the tanks.

Courtesy of Gamestop, the latest tease for Battlefield 4 again doesn't offer much in the way of pertinent information. We get to see a tank tread rolling out, and the footage is reminiscent of what we saw on the first key art from the game.

Both of the teasers to this point have focused on the vehicles we're likely to see in Battlefield 4, but there's been little in the way of actual human combat. Tanks are also nothing new to the franchise, unlike sea vehicles, so it's a bit curious why DICE would take the time to give tanks a priority teaser.

Whether or not all these teasers will combine to form the full trailer remains to be seen, but hopefully DICE actually shows off some gameplay when the full announcement trailer drops on March 27th.