Looks like EA and DICE are taking the fight beneath the sea with this first Battlefield 4 teaser.

Battlefield 4's first real trailer won't be out until March 27th, but to get you pumped up for the full video, DICE and EA have released a teaser trailer. This new trend is starting to wear thin already, but at least with this first video we learn Battlefield 4 will be treading new ground. Well, water anyway.

It's a super-short video, but the propeller of what appears to be a submarine indicates Battlefield 4 will take the game's signature action into the sea. We're not sure how it will all work just yet. Will players wage massive sea battles with other ships? Are water levels going to work with land masses? If that's the case, the scope of this new shooter appears to be quite grand indeed.

Check out the footage below, and let us know what you think.