Blizzard senior technical game designer Wyatt Cheng posted a candid blog about the improvements Diablo 3 fans can expect with its upcoming 1.0.8 patch.

One of the improvements is matchmaking tag, a feature which enables gamers to identify what type of game play they want. The goal is for gamers to find other players who can fit their preferred playing style to yield a better multiplayer experience. Other additions include higher XP bonus for players when they take down monsters or find gold, as well as a lesser increase in health points for creatures. With the change in monster health, Cheng says that gamers can, "play with someone who is less geared than you and still be better off than playing solo."

Although playing solo shouldn't be frowned upon in Diablo 3, Cheng added that one of the goals of the game is to make it a great co-op experience, "but right now it's not living up to its full potential."

For a deeper look into the wealth of updates that will be featured in the Diablo 3 patch, check out the game's official website.