A 'Detective Pikachu' spin-off hasn't been ruled out.

Although the sequel 'Detective Pikachu Returns' marks the end of the storyline for 2016’s 'Detective Pikachu' on Nintendo 3DS, the developer hasn't ruled out a game away from the main story.

Speaking to Famitsu and roughly translated by VGC, Creatures Inc managing director Hiroyuki Jinna, said: “This concludes the story of Jinnai Tim, Pikachu, and Harry. However, all the staff also love the talking old man Pikachu, so maybe there will be a different development from the main story?”

Pokémon Company president Tsunekazu Ishihara said: “I can’t make any promises at this point, but if Detective Pikachu Returns is well received and there is a great demand for it, there is room for a spin-off.”

Upon its release on the Nintendo Switch earlier this month, the sequel was the bestselling retail game throughout its first week of release in Japan, shifting 85,639 physical copies.

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