Someone with a lot of time on their hands couldn't wait for their local (or digital) midnight release of Destiny and has recreated the entire Tower hub in Minecraft, with the massive sphere/corpse of the Traveler included.

YouTuber Quincy Van Hilst has released this interesting video of Destiny's central Tower location being fully rendered using Minecraft. Since Minecraft just launched last week for Xbox One and PlayStation 4, we wonder whether or not this person made this massive creation in just a few days time, or if it has been an ongoing project since the alpha/beta was playable. Nevertheless, this remains one of the most impressive things we have ever seen rendered in Mojang's popular game.

Every shopkeeper's shack and major detail of Destiny's Tower has been included in this recreation. There's even the orb-like Traveler hanging in the sky outside of the tower.

Destiny launches in a just a few hours on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, Xbox One and Xbox 360.