Did you pre-order your Ghost Edition of Destiny back when it was announced a few weeks ago? We sure hope so since they're sold out basically everywhere now, but if you're one of the poor saps who didn't get in when the getting was good, the only way you're getting one now is a fat wallet.

An eBay search of "Destiny Ghost Edition" turns up quite the eye-opening listings: asking prices are in the high-three digit to low-four digit range as far as the eye can see for the ultra limited game, including the current high of fifteen hundred clams ($1500 for those who like numbers) as of this writing. For those keeping score at home, that's a markup of 1000 percent over the original asking price of $150. Insane!

We have two questions: one, shouldn't we wait until the game is out and the collector's editions are in people's hands before we start asking for crazy amounts of money; and two, who is going to pay 1000 percent of the retail price for this? No one!

Worst of all, we fear for the day where an ultra-limited edition like this in created, but instead of releasing a limited quantity into the wild the publisher says, "we're putting a limited amount on eBay, youtellushow much you'd pay" and the bidding wars would begin. That's a world I never want to live in.