It's Bungie Day! The developer has blown the lid off of some important Destiny information, starting with new screenshots and ending with a massive collector's edition.

First, on the Fourth of July Bungie released five new screenshots for the game as a perfect appetizer for the Bungie Day madness. The images show off some of Destiny's vast landscapes in panoramic view, giving us a better idea of what we can expect when we take control of the Guardians on Sept. 9. You can check them out below.

More importantly however, we now know when we'll be able to head back to the world of Destiny via its highly-anticipated beta. The beta starts July 17, first on PlayStation, and is following a strict calendar of events:

Beta Launch: July 17
Maintenance: July 21, 22
Beta Rally: July 26

There's a big event planned for July 26, as the blog post teases: "Play when you can, but make sure you’re present to be counted on July 26. Not only are we hoping to leave a high watermark for population on that day, we’ll also provide a special reward to those of you who make an appearance in the Tower… or in the frontiers beyond its walls."


Finally, the Destiny Collector's Editions have been revealed, showing off three different deluxe packages. The Limited Edition comes with exclusive digital content, a steelbook case, a "Guardian Folio" containing three documents to guide us through the world, and the Destiny Expansion Pass which includes the first two add-ons.

The Ghost Edition contains everything in the Limited Edition, but adds a Letter of Introduction, "Golden Age Relics" including a patch and chrome slides, and a replica Ghost with sound and lights from the game. You can carry your own little Peter Dinklage-voiced Ghost with you so he can tell you where wizards come from.

Finally, the Digital Guardian Edition contains all of the digital content from the Limited Edition, as well as the Expansion Pass and early access to the Vanguard Armory and Player Emblem pre-order bonuses. No prices have been revealed as of yet for any of these editions.

Destiny launches Sept. 9 for Xbox 360, Xbox One, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4 and PC. Now we just need to clear our calendars for that beta.

(All descriptions from the official Bungie blog.)


"The Tower, overlooking the last safe city on Earth."


"The Cosmodrome, made strange by the passage of time."


"The Hellmouth Citadel, many chambers below the surface of the Moon."


"The Shattered Coast of Venus, claimed by nature (and Vex)."


"Beyond the Buried City, across the crimson dunes of Mars."