In case you haven't had the urge to watch Disney's 'Aladdin' in a while, here's your chance to hear the ever popular 'A Whole New World' with a twist.

It seems that Destiny player LeopardStealth didn't think that one Disney parody of Destiny was enough so, he made another, this time featuring 'Aladdin'. 'A Whole New Raid' takes the viewer through a bunch of the quintessential features of Crota's End, one of Destiny's most popular raids. Game Informer reports that together with his wife, Kari Headings, and Joshua Atkins of the band In Wrath, LeopardStealth produced a pretty accurate and feel-inducing video that shows off and gives tips surrounding Crota's End.

Another cool thing about the video that you can check out above is that LeopardStealth is a member of the clan PrimeGuard who were the first to beat Vault Glass.