A defective Samus amiibo figure proves that two cannons are better than one in an eBay bidding war.

The eBay bidding war for a "defective" Samus amiibo figure started a week ago and ended Dec. 1, 2014 at 10:55 PST. There were 19 bidders and 75 bids in total on the figure that had a $50 starting bid and an ending bid of $2,500.

For a figure that retails at $12.99, that's a pretty steep incline in price. The reason this whole thing started is because eBay seller jetfour received a defective Samus amiibo figure that came with two cannons instead of one. The figure is supposed to have one cannon on its right arm, but jetfour's came with one on each arm, making its defective status super awesome instead. Although I'm sure jetfour is a bit bummed that the two bids for $10,000 were cancelled, with the $2,487.01 profit he/she walked way with, I'm sure it wasn't too upsetting.

With rumors circling around that the figure was a fake, we'll just have to wait for the winning bidder to receive it to see if it's truly real.