Nintendo has players preparing their wallets and their cars for the release of its amiibo figures.

The first line of amiibo figures are soon here and everybody's super excited, but will the amount of retailer-exclusive figures put a damper on people's spirits? Destructoid reports that Best Buy is going to have Meta Knight as its exclusive amiibo figure, but a few other retailers in the United States have dibs on the figures you were wanting as well. Lucario will be exclusively sold at Toys 'R' Us while Shulk will be sold only at GameStop. And here we were hoping that we could go into a store, buy a Shulk amiibo and not get asked for trade-ins or any other crap we don't want to talk about.

Luckily, the first few waves of amiibo figures won't have us dealing with this retail treachery. If Link, Sheik, Samus or Toon Link were exclusives somewhere, we'd be raising hell.