The demo for Dead State is now available, giving players a chance to experience the zombie role-playing game from Double Bear Games.

The announcement for the new public demo was made on Steam. Interested parties can try out the zombie survival RPG for the length of seven in-game days. Should they choose to move on and purchase the game proper, then they'll be glad to know that saves will carry over.

According to the update, the demo will allow for the following:

  • Recruit up to 15 other survivors to join your shelter
  • Scavenge in 18 unique locations and stumble across a large variety of random encounters
  • Cross paths with some of survivor factions, such as looters, survivalists, and a fearsome motorcycle gang called the Coyotes
  • Locate new harvesting and fishing spots to help feed your growing shelter
  • Get familiar with Dead State's deep tactical turn-based combat system
  • Improve your shelter by assigning your allies to work on jobs, build upgrades, and make repairs
You can download the demo through the link above. If you want to buy the game itself, it'll cost $29.99. Go on and engage in some mini adventures in central Texas!

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