Waystone Games' upcoming multiplayer online battle arena, Dawngate, seeks to raise the standards of customization for the MOBA genre.

This behind the scenes E3 trailer for Dawngate showcases that there is indeed room for a large narrative inside the MOBA format. Waystone Games and EA are proud to show that Dawngate allows you to customize and balance your characters and teams however you see fit in order to optimize your gameplay. Filled with hardcore MOBA players on its staff, Waystone knows what is needed to help further the genre. We can't wait to see how Dawngate is going to play once it gets into its final stages of development.

Dawngate does not have an official release date announced yet, but it has just recently moved into open beta testing last month. This MOBA will be free-to-play and is expected to self-support itself through premium content in the game that will be unlockable through micro-transactions.