Harmonix is shutting down the downloadable content releases for Dance Central 3 this month.

Less than a month after announcing it was no longer going to release new Rock Band 3 DLC, Harmonix has revealed a similar fate for Dance Central 3. The developer will release the scheduled content for the remainder of March, but this month will see the last new additions to the popular Kinect title.

Fortunately, all of the DLC from all three entries in the series isn't going anywhere. All told, Harmonix has released some 200 additional tracks for the various Dance Central games, which will still be available to download at any point in the future. Harmonix again gave the reasoning that new projects in development required more resources, and as a result the older games would have to be put on the backburner indefinitely.

There's no telling when or where Harmonix's new wave of games will show up, but at least they've created a healthy back catalog for fans to enjoy for a long time.