The team known for its work on Mercenary Kings and Scott Pilgrim vs. The World: The Game have unveiled the debut trailer for its minimalist beat 'em up.

This debut trailer for Curses 'n Chaos pays homage to 8-bit brawling with its retro-style graphics. At first glance, Curses 'n Chaos looks like a high-end title that was released during the twilight years of the Nintendo Entertainment System, but its gameplay, animation and excellent sounds prove that it very much is a modern title.

Coming from the team that worked on Mercenary Kings and Scott Pilgrim vs. the World, this mesh of modern gameplay and old-school graphics prove that Tribute Games lives up to its namesake. Curses 'n Chaos has you surviving wave after wave of bad guys to beat up, where you must collect power-ups and coins as you frantically try to survive the enemy forces that constantly spawn again and again.

Curses 'n Chaos will be joining Mercenary Kings and Ninja Senki DX as Tribute titles that are all coming onto PS Vita, expect to see it debut sometime this fall.