The people at Fourattic are working hard to bring you back to 1986 with their debut game, Crossing Souls.

The first trailer arrived today, which shows off the mysterious story along with some promising game mechanics. Fourattic describes its game as "an old-school action-adventure game with just a touch of RPG elements." The whole game seems to revolve around transporting the player back to 1986. On Fourattic's Kickstarter page, the developer repeats multiple times just how important it is to "revive those childhood feelings."

During the game you can choose from five different players--Chris, Charlie, Big Joe, Math, or Kevin. You will need to figure out each character's niche in order to succeed in and win the game. They each have their own personality and specialties. The player can explore, think, talk, fight, and die while interacting between two planes of reality--life and death. With the help of the characters and the Duat Stone you will hone your powers and free the souls of thousands of restful ghosts.

If Crossing Souls sounds like your kind of game, you can help it get made for PC, Mac, and Linux by checking out the Kickstarter page.