Silicon Studio, the creators of hits like Bravely Default and 3D Dot Game Heroes, have uploaded a video that shows off their new rendering engine.

What you see above you just might be the future of gaming graphics. The nearly two minute-long video is a real-time demo that uses Silicon Studio's new rendering engine, giving us a peek at just how photorealistic games in the future could look.

We're given a look at a robot that runs through a futuristic library of sorts and tools around with an old camera. We're then given some extreme close-ups of the camera so that we can see the details in the object. Everything from scratches and rust on the body of the machine to the glare and reflective surface of the lens looks pretty impressive

Frankly, we can't wait until games start looking like this. The only question is how long will it take for our graphics to look the way they do in Silicon Studio's demo?