According to a post on its official blog, Sega will be releasing the manic racer later this month. Along with Virtua Tennis and Soul Caliber, Crazy Taxi was one of the essential games to own for the Dreamcast, with a fan base that has stayed loyal since its early arcade days.

Given the success that Sega has had with the App Store so far, their decision port Crazy Taxi over to iOS seems positively ... sensible. But no one wants to buy a game called Sensible Taxi.

So far all we have to go on is a very short teaser clip and a few chords from Offspring's All I Want, one of the songs from the original game's soundtrack.

There are plenty of questions left to be answered. Will Sega be able to capture the addictive and manic action of the original game without the use of a controller? And more importantly, will the gameplay still feel fresh?

For a little perspective, when Crazy Taxi was first released, Apple's laptops looked like this.