Be prepared to spend even more time in Tamriel than you were ever expecting, because this video shows that crafting items in The Elder Scrolls Online is a very detailed, in-depth and fun process.

In this gameplay video provided by ZeniMax, the developers play as a Khajit armorer who is scouring the landscape to find various types of crafting materials. The developers chime in to say that any player is able to pick up crafting materials of any variety that they might encounter in the world. If you level your crafting abilities, you can spend skill points into 'Keen Eye' abilities, which makes crafting materials have a distinct glow, helping you identifying them from far away. Without this ability, many crafting materials tend to visibly blend into the environment, making it fairly easy for you to overlook their existence.

Instead of going to a city or town to always craft your gear, ZeniMax has included special crafting areas that bestow your created items with bonus traits, similar to the Lunar Forge in The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim. Many of times, these special crafting areas are guarded by creatures, indicating level requirements for trying to reach these places.

Players will be able to learn special traits for their crafting, which they can learn from deconstructing items for their special properties and ingredients. For example, a blacksmith could learn all the armor-crafting traits, such as having your crafted armor pieces being sturdy, well-fitting or reinforced (which each provide a specific statistical bonus).

Crafting is also broken down by race, such as Khajit armor/weapon crafting vs. Dwemer style, which each offer a variety of gear on its own. Learning these different styles can be done by finding rare books in the world which detail these styles (similar to the book system in Skyrim that was used to level up your skills).

The Elder Scrolls Online is due to come out Apr. 4 for PC and is hoping to have an Xbox One and PlayStation 4 release sometime in June.