‘Content Warning’ has sold 2.2 million copies in just two months.

The incredibly popular game from Steam has recently crossed the major milestone of selling over 2 million copies in only two months and it is said that a console version is a possibility.

To put this in perspective, the game released on April 1 and after just a couple of weeks, had already surpassed one million copies sold.

Publisher Landfall Games said on X: “Content Warning has been out for two months and we've reached 2.2 million copies sold - which means over 8.8 million players own the game on Steam!”

The publisher decided to release the game free of charge for the first 24 hours with the intent of charging full price afterwards.

The co-op survival title achieved a peak player concurrent of 204,439 on Steam during this initial period but people were sceptical as to whether this success would continue.

Landfall also hinted at a console version of the game in a reply to a comment on X by a user stating “Imagine the success if it were on console.”. The publisher simply responded with the eyes emoji which could signal their interest in the idea.

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