Cliff Bleszinski hosted an Ask Me Anything forum on Reddit and answered many questions pertaining to his new studio, next title, current doings, favorite games, inspirations, new partnerships, opinions on the gaming industry and more.

After putting in over 20 years at Epic Games and taking two years off, Cliff Bleszinski has decided to return to the business to bring an all new experience to gamers. After founding Boss Key Productions and announcing his its first project, BlueStreak, there are many questions fans have for Bleszinski. Luckily, this AMA he hosted on Reddit was done just for that.

In terms of BlueStreak being a free-to-play, first-person shooter, fans were skeptical as to how its development would be funded. Bleszinski acknowledges that microtransactions are the first question to come up with every F2P title. He claims that he was not sure, as to it being too early in the development process to decide to include microtransactions. He is well aware that games like League of Legends and WarFrame do microtransactions the preferable way for fans over games such as Zynga and Candy Crush. He also announced that BlueStreak will be published by Nexon, the South Korea-based company known for the MapleStory MMORPG. Nexon will be providing BlueStreak's servers and to help promote the game on a global level. Bleszinski mentions that he wants everything to start fresh so he wanted avoid every major publisher so that he can have as much creative control over BlueStreak as he could.

Bleszinski answered a question about BlueStreak's engine by stating that his former employers and team members are excited about him considering the use of Unreal Engine 4, which he helped create. Unfortunately, he must take into account the budgeting and costs of each area of development before making a decision that big. Cliff mentioned that he intends BlueStreak to be a science fiction-inspired first-person shooter, encouraging readers to think of the weaponry from 'District 9.' When one person asked about the possibility of a new chainsaw gun, Bleszinski simply replied to go "ask Rod Fergusson over at Black Tusk."

To end his AMA, Bleszinski Tweeted this following piece of BlueStreak concept art to thank the fans for their great (and sometimes silly) questions: