Baseball Slam Review
Baseball can be a slow moving game compared to football and basketball, but that seemingly languid pace can disguise its most appealing element. The crack of the bat on a baseball is a sound and sight to behold, especially if you've bought tickets to the stadium. Baseball Slam attempts to captu…
Draw Something 2
According to Ryan Seacrest, the go-to source for video gaming news, Draw Something 2 will be headed to a mobile device near you very soon. The American Idol mainstay took to his Twitter account, along with OMGPOP CEO Dan Porter, to announce that Zynga would be bringing back last year&Close…
Gems With Friends — Free App of the Day
Zynga has had quite a few hits on their hands with Word With Friends, Hanging With Friends and Scramble With Friends. Now a new social media app has hit the App Store and it's another fun way to play random strangers or your Facebook friends. Best of all? It's free!