Civilization Revolution 2 is a strategy title that should appeal to loyalists of the franchise, but since it's a $14.99 download, one has to wonder if it's worth the hefty price tag. After spending some quality time with Civ Rev 2, 2K has proven trying to rule the world is worth it at any cost.

Free-to-play farming and strategy apps littering the iOS market, players can spend hours on a game without shelling out a single dime. Civilization Revolution 2 lays its cards entirely on the table, giving us a single-player campaign that takes our money from the get-go. Thankfully, this model should work for strategic minded individuals, since Civilization Revolution 2 offers us an array of choices within a single turn. As the leader of a new community, do you want to grow your universe through the path of war or the progress of science and technology? Is diplomacy and the sharing of resources your calling card, and can an era of enlightenment flourish under your reign?

As you grow your city and expand your territories, power and wealth flows through your civilization, and your own moral compass will be tested. If democracy is instilled as your city's form of government, your warlike tendencies may be questioned by local politicians, and maybe their peaceful intentions will keep you more focused on building your civilization and not destroying other countries.

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The control interface for Civilization Revolution 2 is absolutely simple. To move a troop or a settler to a designated location, just tap the unit and touch the desired tile you want that unit to reach. There are a plethora of moves you can make within a given turn. For example, one turn will lead you closer to building a piece of technology or constructing a monument. Within that given turn, however, are a number of moves which are utilized to arrange your army and citizens. To attack enemies, simply tap their tile and once your soldier crossed their path, the battle begins.

Since this is a strategy title, the actual combat isn't exactly sublime. If your troops outnumber your enemies or if your weapons are more advanced, chances are the battle ends in your favor. To vanquish an inferior country, I'll simply direct a healthy amount of my troops to the area and within a few turns, their land is mine.

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Civilization Revolution 2's biggest asset is its purely addictive game play, as several hours will easily transpire at the drop of a hat. It's cerebral overload at its finest, as you'll be concerned with sending troops into battle and pleasing your civilians by building new temples or markets within the span of one minute. Decisions are the name of the game with this app, and if multitasking is your forte and passion, then Civilization Revolution 2 has an immense world to offer. At its creative best, the Civilization franchise is the perfect mix of a farming and strategic based title, and this release continues this franchise's forward momentum.
he sound design is also top notch, as the the ocean, birds chirping, and the movements of your troops all have a distinct sound of their own. With its immersive environments and textured audio on display, playing Civilization Revolution 2 with headphones and on an iPad is an absolute must.

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Though Civilization Revolution 2 is a deeply involving experience, it also exists for pick-up-and-play gamers. Since you can save your campaigns, this app doesn't demand hours of your time. Instead, it's a highly versatile journey that you may be playing for months on end. At first, the $14.99 price threw me off, but considering I'm not going to be slapped with freemium ads or interrupted with premium purchase offers, the price tag ended up a worthy enough compromise.

Civilization Revolution 2 is a solid and entertaining strategic experience that's worth the download if you're in a strategic state of mind. I've had a few failed moments as a ruler, but I'm not exactly disappointed. My kingdom isn't vanishing anytime soon, especially since this civilization continues to captivate this enraptured gamer.

This review is based on a downloaded copy of Civilization Revolution 2 for iOS.

App Store Link: Civilization Revolution 2 for iPhone & iPad | By 2K, Inc. | Price: $14.99 | Version: 1.0.0 | 428 MB | Rating 12+

8.0 out of 10 arcade sushi rating