Just in time for the holidays, Rockstar has released a handful of new screenshots from Grand Theft Auto 5. Is that a shark we see?

The new images from GTA 5 couldn't be more different from one another, though they do all share one thing in common -- they are awesome. In these new pics, we get our first glimpses at the perils of swimming in the ocean, flying the (not so), friendly skies, and get up close and personal with the game's protagonists.

As if anticipation for GTA 5 wasn't high enough already, they had to go and add blimps into the game. You can see one off into the distance in the fighter jet shot. We don't know if we'll be able to hijack the blimps just yet, but who hasn't wanted to recreate the Hindenburg disaster on a crowded Los Santos beach?

Check out the rest of the screens below, and let us know what you're excited for in GTA 5.