CD Projekt Red has ruled out the prospect of microtransactions in its single-player games.

Piotr Nielubowicz, the chief financial officer of the studio behind titles including 'Cyberpunk 2077' and 'The Witcher', does not want the feature to be included in single-player modes.

During an interview with, Nielubowicz said: "We do not see a place for microtransactions in the case of single-player games.

"But we do not rule out that we will use this solution in the future in the case of multiplayer projects."

The gaming boss’ comments come as the company is working on 'Project Sirius' - a multiplayer title developed by The Molasses Flood that is set in ‘The Witcher’ universe.

Nielubowicz also confirmed that the project is being treated as an "A.A.A. project" while Vice President of Investor Relations Karolina Gnas added that the developer is becoming "increasingly satisfied with the progress of work", with roughly 400 people working on the game at present.

The company recently clarified that their upcoming game will be an entirely new title that won’t just be "a ‘Witcher 3’ in new clothing".

During a shareholder conference, joint CEO Michal Nowakowski explained: "Making [a] new game is always a creative risk, especially since we're trying to push new boundaries and explore new fields, do something we haven't actually done before.

"Basically, I guess what I'm saying is you should not be expecting just a ‘Witcher 3’ in new clothing.

"I mean, of course we're building on the shoulders of what was done before and on the learnings of what was done before, but we will be adding new things, new elements, new gameplay elements, new mechanics that you have not seen in our previous games so far."

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