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1001 Attempts Review
Everplay Interactive and Spain-based developer CookieBit just released 1001 Attempts, their second in a series of Retro Revival games, which finds the two collaborating to put a new spin on classic gaming themes. Their first entry, titled Rock Blocker, was released a few weeks ago and provided a fun…
Battle Dungeon
Back in early December, the strategy game Battle Dungeon had to be pulled from the App Store after only a week due to the massive amount of pirated copies that bogged down the Hunted Cow's servers. If you had a legit copy of that game, you can now end your long period of mourning, bec…
1001 Attempts
There is a game on the horizon called 1001 Attempts. If you're thinking that it will take you over one thousand tries to accomplish something in the game, then you're on the right track. But just what are you attempting to do?
The World of Dark Souls
Dark Souls has a lot to teach us. Within the depths of its master code are mysteries, only to be discovered by the most diligent and thoughtful of gamers. It is a game that not only entertains, but can teach you something about life, death, and level design.
God of Footage
Let's go all the way back to the beginning, folks. In fact, let's go to the start of the beginning, and see how far Kratos has come to become the badass that we all love in God of War: Ascension's first half hour of gameplay.
God of Bundles
The US PlayStation Blog has posted about a new hardware bundle that will feature God of War: Ascension and a shiny new Garnet Red PlayStation 3.

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