Heoes! Villains! Monsters! Mages! Magic! It's all here in the fantasy RPG game Castle Age HD. And you can swing your sword and cast your spells for the low, low price of nothing!

Castle Age HD is one of the largest (if not, the largest), massively multiplayer online games in the App Store. With over 15 million players, you can join or form your own guild as you explore an enormous world filled with monsters to kill and quests to complete.

They're always updating the game with fresh content, so players will never get bored. Search for treasure and rare items as you level up your character. They recently did an update with multi-part monsters, a new player class, forging, and lots of bug fixes. Best of all? It's a free game!

Right now it's only for the iPhone, but hopefully a iPad version is coming.

Download Castle Age HD for your iPhone today!