One of our favorite party games, Cards Against Humanity, is getting an online spin (rip)-off — Cards Against Originality.

Cards Against Humanity is one of the best party games out there, let's be honest. However, not everyone goes to parties... or have friends who live close enough to join them at parties... or have friends, so there's yet another Cards Against Humanity clone that's coming to your PC (as well as smartphones and tablets). Polygon reports that the new, free-to-play Cards Against Humanity clone has been dubbed, Cards Against Originality and its legal! Under the Creative Commons License, there is a loophole that allows clones to be created as long as they're offered as free-to-play to the public, which pretty much describes 99.9999 percent of the smartphone video game industry.

Cards Against Originality is a pretty perfect name for the clone. The game contains all the cards you know and love from Cards Against Humanity and its five expansion sets. While this isn't the first Cards Against Humanity spin-off, it is definitely the most accurate. The cards are the same ones you can find in the game and when you play it, it even looks like the game.

Cards Against Humanity takes the classic gameplay of Apples to Apples — the judge, who rotates to a different person every turn, gets a topic card that he or she reads to the other players who then pick the answer card they think best relates to the topic card to be judged, resulting in potential hilarity for the group. The game is not for the feint of heart, but it's definitely fun if you have the mind for it. Cards Against Originality does the same thing, online.

You can check out Cards Against Originality for tablet or smartphone and invite your friends along for the ride.

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