Capcom has confirmed an “unannounced major title” will be released in next six months.

The company believes the game, coming before the end of March, will help them achieve financial targets set this year.

The news came via the questions and answers section of the firm’s recent financial results presentation.

Capcom said: “In the second half of this financial year, we plan to release Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney Trilogy in January in addition to a currently unannounced major title.

“Moreover, we plan to boost the sales figures of new titles of the first half of this financial year, like ‘Street Fighter 6’, to achieve the target.”

Capcom hasn’t given any further information about the “unannounced major title” but has several franchises to pull from for sequels, including ‘Resident Evil’, ‘Devil May Cry’, ‘Street Fighter’ and ‘Mega Man’.

‘Street Fighter 6’ was only released in June, with the ‘Resident Evil 4’ remake coming a few months before that, making any new installments in the franchises unlikely.

The ‘Mega Man Battle Network Legacy Collection’ was also released earlier this year so it probably is not a contender for another edition.

But the last ‘Devil May Cry’ game was released in 2020 and the most recent mainline instalment of ‘Monster Hunter’ came in 2021, making them the two franchises among the most likely to see a new chapter.

‘Monster Hunter’ is also due to celebrate its 20th anniversary in March 2024.

In September, a new logo for the franchise was shared alongside new artwork that featured familiar hunters alongside a previously-unseen one.

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