Major League Gaming and ESPN are collaborating to present the first-ever MLG X Games Invitational tournament as Call of Duty mixes in with extreme sports.

Pro-gaming is being added to the likes of professional skateboarding and the multiple kinds of motocross at this extreme sports extravaganza. MLG is going to help ESPN create the first eSports event to ever be held at the X Games. X Games Austin will provide X Games medals to MLG Pro Gamers who have won its Call of Duty: Ghosts invitational tournament.

Five of the top Call of Duty: Ghosts teams are going to be invited to X Games Austin based on their MLG Pro Points rankings and the three top teams from Xbox's recent Call of Duty Championship tournament have also been invited. This three-day invitational will take place entirely at X Games Austin from June 6-8 and will be using the Xbox One as the console of choice for the tournament.

Fans wishing to witness X Games history may watch the competition broadcast at or on the MLG app for iOS, Android and Xbox 360/Xbox One.