'Call Of Duty' has announced a fashion project based on the character of Captain Price.

The look of the hit character has been recreated by video game star Barry Sloane in a project by renowned costume designer, Courtney Wheeler, - who worked on two seasons of 'The Bear' - in a move to celebrate the character's status as a fashion influencer.

Speaking about her creative process behind bringing Captain Price's style to life, Courtney Wheeler commented: “Characters are developed so well in video games that it makes it really easy to get a sense of who they are. When you’re in the fitting, you can ask questions like ‘Does this feel right for them?’ and because video game characters like Captain Price are so fully realised, it feels very similar to film and TV characters. Price's clothing is not just about function; it also serves to reflect his character and personality. The developers have created a world where the clothing in-game feels very intentional.”

Captain Price's distinctive boonie hat is an emblematic accessory in the Modern Warfare® series, and it continues to take centre stage in the bespoke ensembles. His garment choices reflect his personality and functional needs with a variety of durable, flexible and comfortable materials built for any environment. With military-inspired colours, khaki, greens and grey that help to blend into any surroundings.

The key elements to incorporate to achieve are named as a Headcover made up of beanies and boonies, technical fabrics and coated fabrics that will provide a range of movement and breathability for style on the go, along with thick twill workwear materials for durability and hiking boots to ensure dry feet.

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