Bungie is looking toward the future with its end-of-the-year update, but didn't forget all the amazing people who have made Destiny a success thus far.

Destiny released only a few short months ago, but since then Bungie has been hard at work trying to improve its game with constant updates. Now it's bringing its fans the last update of the year. While the devs were busy toiling away, they took a look at a few different statistics from the year as well.

A stunning 12,869,066 unique players have tried out Destiny, who also created 22,932,276 Guardians and played through 872,404,449 hours of the game. There are some more pretty crazy numbers that follow:

  • "In the span of time you have spent playing Destiny, the Curiosity Rover could have made the voyage to Mars more than one hundred thousand times
  • If the Guardians populating Destiny occupied a single city, it would be as large as New York City and Los Angeles, combined
  • Atheon has been shattered 2.4 Million times
    • At least a dozen of those kills were without cheese
  • Crota has been Ended 769 times, and rapidly counting
    • But only once by a Fireteam of one (step it up, everyone else)"

The team over at Bungie also had some pretty awesome fan made videos and websites. You can check them out on Bungie's website while you're waiting for the promised "small stocking stuffers" that will be emerging after the holiday season, and trying desperately to not rage at all the new players that will be heading on to Destiny after holiday season.