What can save the world from evil aliens and other stuff that wants to blow us up in Broforce? 'Merica, that's what... and some impressive muscle.

Just in case you were thinking that all Broforce needed was some aliens to eat your brains or spit goo at you, Free Lives has read your mind and is now coming out with an alien-filled update. It will be Broforce's largest update yet, and include all things extraterrestrial. These otherworldly beings will be able to, "climb up walls, leap from ceilings and feed upon unsuspecting terrorists." The aliens will be arriving in the update's campaign that players will need to shoot, slash and jump their way through to save the world from being covered in goo... and stuff with more eyes than anything should ever need. There will not only be new enemies, but also new traps and new bosses to stand in your endoplasma-covered way.

"This is our biggest and most challenging update yet, and we're really excited that it's finally getting into bros' hands" said Free Lives' leader Evan Greenwood. "Considering that it's only two months late, we're decidedly improving at delivering content. The whole team is hyped to hear everyone's feedback, and to use that to shape the direction of the next few months of development."

Broforce's update will be awaiting you on Steam, where it's currently in the Early Access stages of development. Currently, there's a 25% off deal celebrating all the upcoming battles against creatures with two heads, as well as Broforce crossing the one million download milestone.