In case you wanted to hone your dying skills, Free Lives Games is coming out with a new update to Broforce that will let you, well, die a lot.

Polygon reports that if you, for whatever reason, didn't think the death rate was high enough in Broforce, now there will be even more things to blow up you and your teammates in this retro-style, run and gun platformer. With its Alien update, Broforce will now feature Facehuggers, Xenomorphs and alien caves for your dying pleasure. The Facehuggers are little, egg-carrying monsters that will throw themselves at you or your ally's face if you don't destroy them in time. After that happens, you turn into a Xenomorph, which is bad for any allies you might have.. The alien cave will make you food if you walk into it so, you might want to stay away from that as well.

While there's no exact release date, this is probably a good thing as we all have to brush up on our bomb detonation skills so we blow up the aliens and not our friends.