The new trailer for Broforce gives us a look at what's coming in their February update. We hope you're ready for more Bros, more bosses and... exploding coconuts?

Though the game won't officially be released on Steam Early Access until March 2014, an update is being made to the game's beta which adds a lot of bro-mazing content. We'll see new Bros like the sword-wielding Bronan and the machete-happy Brochete. There are bigger bosses to fight and more kooky items to utilize, such as ziplines, Tactical Swine and killer coconuts that explode upon impact.

The Broforce, as an awesome paramilitary outfit, employs a whole host of heroes that are ripped straight out of '80s and '90s action movies. Up to four players can run and gun around the many different levels to unleash all kinds of hell. "Broforce is sure to put hair on your chest, regardless of gender, and give your neck that thick, tree stump look that is coveted by all true bros. Hnnnnnng," Devolver Digital CFO Fork Parker said.

If there exists a more glowing endorsement for a game, then we haven't seen it. Keep your eye on Steam Early Access in March for Broforce, and then prepare for its release on PC and consoles this summer.