It's time to play Rambro, because the Broforce's Brourth of July's Freedom Update will add the Brocketeer, Broheart, melee attacks, combat flexing and more.

Devolver Digital and Free Lives Games are releasing one hell of a patriotic update for Broforce to celebrated Independence Day. This free expansion will feature two new patriotic bros for you to play as. Also being added are democracy-spreading melee attacks. To cap things off, you'll be able to swole your way to freedom with combat flexing. That's right — you can now flex your heart out in the middle of gameplay. Cue the Hulk Hogan theme song, it's time's to flex for 'Merica.

So who is being added to the roster? Well, there's the Brocketeer, who fans of the '80s comic book series and 1991 feature film, The Rocketeer, should recognize. Also being added is Broheart, the Scottish-American hero of legend who charges into battle yelling "Freedom!" These guys join Rambro and all the other action movie-themed heroes in the cast (you weren't seeing things, that was definitely Ash). For any terrorists out there, just know that there are a ton of run-and-gun weapons out there for us to collect, so we can shoot and napalm our way to democracy. Nothing is as alpha as a roundhouse kick, so don't forget to get your melee attack on just before you flex in your enemies' faces.

To celebrate the Brourth of July, Broforce is currently 33 percent off for the weekend on Steam.