A new story trailer has debuted for Bravely Default that seeks to prime us for the adventures ahead.

It turns out the world of Luxendarc is in trouble. The four crystals that are integral to keeping the balance of the world in check have been corrupted. So now it's up to four heroic youths to travel the world and save it by restoring the balance.

It might sound like every other story under the Square Enix banner, but perhaps that's why we're looking forward to playing it so much; it feels like it'll be a return to form for the fabled Japanese role-playing game company.

We'll join up with characters like the priestess Agnes, the traitor Edea, the lone survivor Tiz and the Casanova, Ringabel as they fight across the world, all while changing job classes and looting cool gear. Watch the video above and look out for Bravely Default when it's released on Feb. 7 for the Nintendo 3DS.