Boyd Multerer was not just the founder of Xbox Live, but was also held in high respect by the entire industry. Now, he's moving on from Microsoft to new and exciting things.

When Boyd Multerer posted on his Twitter today that he was leaving Microsoft, it seems that he wasn't prepared for the emotion-flood that he was opening up his social media account to. Not only were there numerous amounts of people wishing the long-time now ex-employee of Microsoft good luck on his new ventures, but there were also many thanking him for his past ventures.

Although his first Tweet hinted at the new things that he's on the path towards, he hasn't disclosed any information about what his new project could be.

The above Tweet was all followers seem to have been able to get out of Multerer, coupled with his Twitter description that says, "Currently doing independent secret stuff."

Though many consumers and gamers not intimately familiar with the industry may not appreciate Multerer's contributions at Microsoft, his impact at the company was undeniable. As the founder of Xbox Live and XNA, as well as one of the designers of the Xbox One, his efforts established the Xbox brand as a major force, and his footprint at the company will be long-lasting.