To celebrate the holidays and close out the year, Gearbox Software and 2K Australia are celebrating Mercenary Day on the moon in Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel.

Gearbox Software would like to wish all you Vault Hunters out there on Elpis a happy Mercenary Day. Mercenary Day is being celebrated with all sorts of new in-game content that you'll only be able to partake in from Dec. 23, 2014  - Jan. 5, 2015.

These in-game festivities include new enemies who have a holiday theme to them -- they're dressed like Christmas presents and have all sorts of green and red decor on them. A new Kraggon boss in Serenity's Waste has appeared. His name is Odjurymir and he looks like one tough hombre. Luckily, you have a chance to get a new weapon, called Ol' Painful, if you beat him. Various inhabitants and non-player characters on Elpis have fixed up the moon with all kinds of holiday decorations and ammo is now 25 percent cheaper throughout the celebration of Mercenary Day. So grab a gun and celebrate!

Here is Gearbox Software's Mercenary Day message to all its fans out there:

Happy Mercenary Day! Much like the citizens of Pandora, folks on Elpis love to take time every year celebrate the holiday season with generosity, giving, and murder. From today until January 5th, you’ll be able to celebrate right along with them in a brand new in-game event available for free to all players.

You’ll find some “merry” enemies in the mood for a little holiday cheer over at the R & D Facility and Pity’s Fall, plus a terrifying-but-celebratory new Kraggon in Serenity’s Waste named Odjurymir that will give you a chance of getting a new weapon if you manage to defeat it.

On top of that, the inhabitants of Elpis have dressed up the place with a little bit of holiday flair, so keep an eye out for decorations that may even have a few goodies inside (because ‘tis the season). In the spirit of giving, all ammo is also 25% cheaper for the entirety of the event. Score!

We hope you have a wonderful Mercenary Day!