Our old friend Claptrap stars in a new Borderlands 2 video in order to announce the $100K Loot Hunt Sweepstakes.

To enter the sweepstakes, you simply have to opt in at the official Borderlands 2 Loot Hunt website or write in with a postcard. Once you've opted in, you'll have to wait until Oct. 11 for the festivities to begin. When they do, players will be tasked with roaming around Pandora, shooting things for loot like they normally do, except they'll have to look out for special drops.

Each day will feature a different unique gun. If you happen across one of these special weapons, you can take part in trying to complete the Community Goal of the day. If this Community Goal is achieved, then you'll unlock a Community Reward, which will most likely be a badass gun.

Each successfully met goal is a chance to win some of the real-world prizes offered in the sweepstakes, like a PlayStation Vita systems, Turtle Beach Headsets, Nvidia gear, BradyGames stuff and even some cold, hard cash.

Watch the trailer above and click the links up top to find out more information on this event and happy hunting to you!