The upcoming James Bond game, 'Project 007', is expected to be "the ultimate spycraft fantasy" and will be "closer" in tone to Daniel Craig's Bond.

Developer IO Interactive's CEO and co-owner Hakan Abrak has given some more teasers as to what to expect from the game with a brand new Bond story based on the suave spy from the iconic action movies.

Speaking to Edge magazine, he said: “The few other breadcrumbs we’re able to pick up in the office suggest a tone closer to Daniel Craig than Roger Moore, and perhaps a more scripted experience than Hitman‘s freeform jaunts.

“It’s been pitched as ‘the ultimate spycraft fantasy,’ which suggests gadgets – and perhaps a step away from the murderous objectives of Agent 47.”

Abrak previously teased in an interview with IGN: "It's important to mention: doing a licensed game is new to us. We've only done our own, original IPs, right? We've created these characters... ourselves, from scratch.

"So, I think for us to really embrace this fully, and really, as I said before, we don't like to work 'mechanical.'

"It's not just because it's a big IP, or it's a licensed game, and commercially this is interesting... It means nothing to us. We've taken a lot of non-commercial risks before.

"So, for us, it's about... we need to feel it, deep inside. The passion needs to be there, so it was very important for us that it wasn't a movie adaptation.

"So, it wasn't a game about... a specific movie, where the story has already been told."

And Abrak noted that 'Bond' owners EON were in agreement with their line of thinking.

He continued: "It's very important that we could create a digital Bond. A Bond for the gaming industry...

"So it's a completely original story. This felt really, really important for us and we conveyed that to EON and they agreed that the result would probably be better doing it like that."

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