The latest dark action RPG hybrid by From Software is perfectly inline with what we expect from Dark Souls' creative team.

This new seven-minute-long gameplay demo of Bloodborne looks rather impressive. Since Bloodborne is made by From Software, it should be no surprise that Bloodborne plays similarly to the Souls franchise. In an interesting twist, the visuals of Bloodborne are Victorian, fog-filled and very atmospheric. Nearly every character we have seen, including the enemies, are wearing Undertaker-like hats and long, black trench coats.

The streets of Yharnam are filled with disfigured monsters and plagued-ridden residents who have been contorted into dark creatures and need to be put out of their misery. This gameplay demo featured both the cleaver and heavy axe weapons. As you can tell, you still have the purposely limited maneuverability from the Souls franchise.

Bloodborne will launch on PlayStation 4 sometime in 2015.