Square Enix's program that help outs indie developers with Indiegogo's help has just added two stunning games to its roster.

The gaming community-oriented Collective program of Square Enix has recently added Sad Sand Sailor's Black The Fall and Clever-Play's Leap of Fate to its list of prospects. Square Enix's Collective allows indie developers to post ideas, pitches and projects in the early development stages that Square Enix fans can judge whether or not they would actually support. The company famous for Final Fantasy has partnered with Indiegogo in order to help give some creative developers, who lack the major funding they need, the shine that they deserve.

Square Enix's Collective allows a project to be displayed for 28 days, and if there are enough fans who have pledged support, the project will be sent to Indiegogo to formally launch a special, crowdfunded campaign that gets a bonus from the Collective as well.

The first new addition to the Square Enix Collective is Black The Fall, which is being made by indie developer Sad Sand Sailor. Black The Fall is a 2D, side-scrolling shooter that has many puzzle aspects involved. Furthermore, it is quite atmospheric, and its black and white coloring is quite reminiscent of the art style used in Limbo that we loved so much. Sad Sand Sailor claims that the aesthetics of Black The Fall were also inspired by the likes of 'Sin City,' 'Dark City,' 'The Mist,' Thief, Dishonored and Deadlight.

Sad Sand Sailor claims that Black The Fall is meant to be a metaphor to society, where we live in a high tech world while still adhering to old, even ancient, mentalities and beliefs. In Black The Fall, your character will meet the crazed Natives, who are always on the lookout for food and supplies to raid. You will also encounter the Machines, who just spy on humans, while maintaining some strange symbiotic relationship with the Natives. Both of these factions will attack you the first chance they get, so you must use cover, stealth and gunfire to help get you through this black and brilliant landscape.

Leap of Fate takes place in modern day New Work where a mage/occult extremist must undergo his cult's rite of passage. You play a mage who ultimately rebels against the cabalist-like secret society during his trial. Leap of Fate offers multiple endings to its dystopian take on the Big Apple, while offering breakneck gameplay which will test both your reflexes and your character's ability to tap into the arcane arts. Depending on how far you get through your rite of passage, you will get a different ending. You must use glyphs, arcade power, enchantments and your shadow-walking ability to help see your quest to the end and to ultimately decide whether or not you end up siding with your cult once everything is done.