BioWare San Francisco has been shut down and 25-30 employees have been laid off according to GamesRadar. They developed tie in browser games to some of EA and BioWare's biggest titles.

The studio is best known for the insanely fun Facebook game Dragon Age: Legends. They also developed a 2D Mirror's Edge browser game that was equally as entertaining. It isn't often that a tie in game is anywhere near as enjoyable as the title it is based on, but this studio really knew how to capture the essence of the inspiration and distill it into a new and fun little title.

According to GamesRadar, California was "too expensive" to host a mobile game developer. While their games were good, they might have not been making enough for the rent. Let's hope this isn't going to be a trend for the rest of Bioware and these developers can find a new way to delight us with their browser based action.