We get a small update on the development of Mass Effect 4 with an intriguing behind the scenes photo from BioWare's Cinematic Director.

Polygon reports BioWare Cinematic Director Ken Thain tweeted a photo (featured below) showing a behind the scenes look at the motion capture work being done to bring the fourth Mass Effect title to life. This photo confirms that motion capture work for Mass Effect 4 is being done at TheCaptureLab, which is located in Vancouver, Canada. You can't see much besides an empty sound stage as a couple of TheCaptureLab's employees are seen setting up an actor draped in a black mo-cap suit.

Last month, we reported that a BioWare's job listing for an Online Producer confirmed that Mass Effect 4 would have online multiplayer, which is likely going to be done in the same style that we saw in Mass Effect 3 and Dragon Age: Inquisition where it was mainly kept separate from the single player campaign. We're hoping that multiplayer is a bit more relevant to the game's main events this time around. At San Diego Comic-Con last year, BioWare revealed that the Mako tank from the first game has been completely redesigned and improved for its implementation into ME4. We also got to see a few N7 armor sets, which reminds us that the Systems Alliance will be back this time around and it also suggests we'll have another human protagonist (Shepard isn't returning, despite what kind of ending you got in ME3).

Unfortunately, details on Mass Effect 4 are still pretty scarce other than it being written by the Lead Writer of Halo 4. Here's to hoping Mass Effect 4 has a great showing at E3 this year and that there'll be more Krogans. An HD remaster trilogy would be a nice way of passing the time, BioWare.