Just when we thought that Sackboy couldn't get any more awesome or adorable, Little Big Planet had to go and release Bioshock Infinite costumes.

You're foaming at the mouth. You've seen screenshots of Bioshock Infinite. You've seen gameplay of Bioshock Infinite. You've seen interviews with Ken Levine and have been asking him questions on Twitter. The moment is almost here. You can't take it any more. Just when you thought you couldn't be any more pumped for Bioshock Infinite, Media Molecule goes and turns their loveable and malleable Sackboy into Bioshock Infinite characters.

According to their website, the Bioshock Infinite Costume Pack will be out sometime next week. Now, you'll be able to kit out your console with dynamic Bioshock Infinite themes, dress up your XBLA Avatar as the Songbird, and turn Sackboy into Elizabeth. Hopefully that doesn't require an operation.

Anyway, details haven't been released as to the release date and which games the costumes will be available for, but it would be safe to assume all the Little Big Planet games will be getting a steampunk overhaul to their stitchpunk aesthetic..

Man, that songbird is still creepy and imposing even if he is made of burlap.