A second piece of downloadable content was also revealed for BioShock Infinite on Tuesday, though Clash in the Clouds is a bit different from the single-player story content coming in Burial at Sea.

Clash in the Clouds will start arriving on all platforms today, with plans to be available everywhere and for everyone in a few days time. The add-on will put 60 new challenges into the game, all of which are spread out across four new maps (Raven's Dome, Ops Zeal, Duke and Dimwit Theater and Emporia Arcade).

Based on the footage in the trailer, the DLC plays a lot like Horde mode, where you'll face off against wave after wave of enemies like the Motorized Patriot and Handyman. There will be leaderboards to track progress, and you can earn special trophies to keep in a virtual hall of accolades.

The Clash in the Clouds will run you $4.99 (400MSP), unless you bought the Season Pass, in which case the content is free to you. Let us know if you'll be taking it to the Sky Lines when the content arrives on your console.