Having some trouble with Super Mario 3D World? Have no fear because we've got some hot tips from warp zones to easy extra lives to help you save the day and rescue princesses. Even Mario and Luigi can't do everything on their own. These are the Best Super Mario 3D World Cheats.

  • Unlock Rosalina

    Super Mario Galaxy's Rosalina hasn't been seen much outside of the Wii franchise, but she'll be playable in Super Mario 3D World. You can unlock her by finishing off Star World 2.

  • Luigi Bros. Mini-Game

    This one's an easy one. If you have some save data from New Super Luigi on your Wii U, the Luigi Bros. mini-game will be opened from the start. However, you can also unlock the original Mario Bros. clone by completing worlds 1 through 8.

  • World 2 Warp Pipe

    Early on, you can skip almost all of world 1 by finding the warp pipe to world 2 in world 1-2. First, you'll need the cat suit power-up. After you get to the clear pipe with coins in it underground, you'll exit next to a question block. Above that block are two invisible blocks you can hit to reach a ledge above. There'll be a Koopa Troopa up there. The wall behind him can be climbed, and above the Troopa, you'll find the red warp pipe to lead you right to world 2.

  • World 5 Warp Pipe

    While you may not have wanted to skip through world 1, perhaps world 4 is giving you fits. In that case, it's a good thing there's a warp pipe to world 5 hidden in world 4-2. Again, you'll need the cat suit.

    Immediately after you exit the underwater area, you're brought to an area with purple water and floating platforms. Turn to your left, and climb up the wall to the top of the waterfall. If you jump across the platforms, it will take you to an area with a red warp pipe that skips you ahead to world 5.

  • All The Extra Lives You Can Handle

    Okay, this one's a little more complex. Head to world 1-2. Go down the pipe to start the level, and then make your way to the next area where another pipe is waiting. Hit the question block to get a fire flower. Grab it, take out the Koopa Troopa. Keep firing fireballs to move the shell into the next area. Once it's all the way in the right corner, fire off a few more to get it to hop onto the purple blocks. After it's up there, fire off a few more to get the shell into the pipe.

    Once the shell is transported through the tube, it'll get stuck between two walls. Head through that same tube yourself, and jump on the shell while it's bouncing around to start wracking up the 1-ups.


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