Those pesky brain suckers are back and bouncing through time. Luckily we have an arboretum of flora to help defend our homes and a time machine to journey through the past. Even with your powerful plant buddies, you could always use an extra bit of help and we've got the cheats to help you save all of time and space. This is our list of the 10 Best Plants Vs Zombies 2 Cheats, Tips, and Tricks.

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    Don't Be Allergic to Walnuts

    Embrace the nut. Walnuts may seem like a nuisance, but when placed strategically, can be part of a zombie trouncing plan. The best way to deploy these hard-shelled zombie stoppers is at least halfway down the field to stop those brain suckers in their tracks. One walnut almost triples the power and lifespan of the plants behind it. Their sacrifices will be remembered.

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    Embrace the Threepeater

    The Threepeater might seem like a waste of sun, but when you strategically place them, they can send out a torrent of projectiles that can decimate zombies. Also, and much more importantly, they free up space for other plants to be added to your arsenal. So save up, and plant some Threepeaters with at least a row between them. Watch the zombie heads pop right off.

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    10 Sunflowers

    There comes a time where the law of diminishing returns comes into play. In the case of sunflowers, it is two columns. Any more, you'll be blocking strategic offensive positions. 10 sunflowers should provide you with all you need. If they don't, dig 'em up and replace them with that conjoined sunflower for some double sun power.

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    Ditch the Peashooters

    The sooner you ditch the basic peashooter, the better. They're great for the first couple of levels, but once gravestones come into play they become almost useless. Instead opt for some cabbage launchers which will prioritize taking down walkers and won't be blocked by anything. Plus, they cost the same amount of sun.

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    New Deal

    There is a level in Plants Vs Zombies 2 where you're dealt some cards. If you don't like your hand, you can close down the app and reopen it to find that you've been dealt a brand new hand. Simply repeat until you've found one that you like. If only real poker worked like this, we'd all be rich enough to buy our way straight through this entire game.

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    Proper Use of Bonk Choy

    While powerful, the Bonk Choy are not the most resilient of plants. To properly get the most out of these leafy brutes, you'll want to place them directly behind a Walnut. There, they can pulverize any zombie that comes close enough to much on that poor dumb nut. Then you can enjoy the whiplash sound that signals that another zombie head has gone rolling away.

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    Pattern Recognition

    Every level in Plants Vs. Zombies 2 features a unique arrangement and staggering of advancing zombies. But, if you repeat any level, you'll notice that they all come at you in the same pattern again. If you come across a particularly difficult level, just play a few times and try to remember the pattern. Then you'll be able to preemptively place plants to defend your home.

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    Kernels Kill Seagulls

    Those pesky zombies borne by seagulls are a pain. They fly over most of your defenses and reek havoc. But, there is a solution to all your problems. Make sure that you have some artillery in kernel form planted early to shoot them down before they can even get close.

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    The Last Stand III

    The Last Stand III in the Pirate world can be a bit of a pain in the butt. But, there is a simple trick to taking out any zombies that come your way. Place some Bonk Choy as far back as you can and fill the rest of the level with Spikeweeds. Then you can wash your hands of potting soil and collect the pirate booty.

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    Plant Food is Your Friend

    Plant food can be a frustrating or fruitful, it is all in how you use it. There are a couple tricks to using plant food that you should definitely be aware of. Occasionally there is a challenge to produce a certain amount of sun. Use some plant food on a sunflower and blow away that goal easily. Also, you want to try and wait to use your plant food until another green glowing zombie walks out onto the field. With a bit of proper aim, you can reclaim the plant food you used almost immediately. The final and most obvious use of plant food is a last ditch effort to save your home from the brain hungry hoard. Just make sure you save up enough for the final zombie surge.